Welcome to the Home Page of Know Your Spirit. This is a loving space of learning and spiritual growth where the purpose is to help you to know the spiritual side of you and all the wonders that are you. It is a companion site to the recently published book Know Your Spirit: An Introduction to Spirituality. It is a space where you can ask questions via email and get answers either by email or by phone through the Contact Page. This is all about you and the wonderful spiritual being that you are.

It is a space of comfort when you are troubled by life. It is a space of encouragement if you are feeling despair. It is a source of support when you feel lack of support in your current surroundings. It is a place to know your deepest self in both good and difficult times and realize your strengths during both. But most of all it is a space that recognizes the spirit that is your true self and is so thankful for you.
What is Spirituality?

If someone were to come to me and ask, “What is spirituality?” I would say that it is the awareness that there is much beyond the physical life that we are living here on Earth.

Spirituality is the knowledge that this life we are living today is only the tiniest part of the infinite life we experience on our quest to become one with the Source, the Supreme Being, God and all of the other names we call the Ultimate Being.

We are all part of a spirit world made up of every living thing, all working to advance to that point when someday we will be at the highest level possible: one with the Source.

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion or lack of religion. You are a spiritual being whether you believe it or not, whether you are religious or not.

In the spiritual realm, on the other side, you are loved beyond your wildest hopes and dreams, as you are here, although you may not feel it often. You are never alone because you are watched over by spirits and spirit guides in the other realm, who have only your growth and best interests at heart. They are far wiser than we are and are filled with compassion as they love and watch over us. We will meet them when we cross over into the next realm after our death and it will be a joyful reunion.

If that same person then asked me, “What about reincarnation? I’m having trouble believing we live more than one life.” I would tell them that when we come into this life on our planet Earth, we forget everything we have left on the other side in order to have a pure human experience here. We have to rediscover what we once knew. It is part of being human. Millions of people here on Earth believe in reincarnation, people of many cultures and religions. I ask only that you be open to learning more.

One final and most important part of knowledge around spirituality, is that we, and everything else we know, are made up of energy. Energy changes but it never dies. It goes on forever and so will you, in other forms, in other lives. This is wonderful news as it takes away the fear that death is final. If you have read the book, Know Your Spirit: An Introduction to Spirituality, you’ll know what happens next. And the joys awaiting you on the other side.