Maryse Goebel is an Empath who is able to feel the emotions of those around her, either in person or on the phone. She is very sensitive to their energy frequencies and is able to change those frequencies by applying her own energy to theirs. She does this only for good. This transfer of energy to others is effortless for her and she has been able to do this since childhood without realizing then, what she was doing. Now she is aware of this gift and does it consciously, mentally. If she walks into a crowded room she is instantly drawn to people who need an infusion of energy to help them feel better. She says it feels

like throwing sunshine around, bringing light and love to them. She does it with great joy in her heart. Nothing makes her happier than bringing love, light and energy to those in need.

Outgoing, enthusiastic and a teacher by nature, she enjoys speaking in front of groups large and small.

She has a spiritual consulting practice where she helps people figure out their purpose in this life and how to rid themselves of obstacles and negativity that are obstructing their path to enlightenment. She helps raise their energy frequencies to levels that are optimal for their purposes.

A little history

Living in a haunted house in London, England until she was nine years old, she has always known what spirit feels like. She is very sensitive to spiritual presence.

Not raised with any religious training, and very skeptical by nature, she started studying spirituality at age 20. Over the years she read hundreds of books and articles on the subject but never found one little book that was based on research and scientific proof suitable for beginners to the topic. Many times she wished for such a book, with all the answers in one place, particularly one not clouded by religiosity or fantasy. A book that would explain spirituality in a way beginners of all beliefs, including atheism, could understand.

In 2003 she had a metaphysical experience where Spirit flowed through her to help a frail elderly man, a stranger, who appeared to be dying in a post office setting. She could have tried to help him with her nursing skills but in that moment as he sat slumped over on the post office floor, his color a deathly gray, and terror on his face, she knew that her job was to help him cross over to the other side by showering him with Love and comfort. She felt Spirit take over her body and pour out of her eyes in a stream of love as she stood in a corner and gently smiled at him. At that moment he raised his eyes to hers in wonder. It was as if he recognized the loving spirit who had come to help. He started to smile back and his face lost its gray tinge. With the help of his frightened wife and others who had rushed over to help, he rose to his feet, his eyes never leaving Maryse’s face and was able to walk out of the post office under his own steam. She never saw him again, but learned much later that she had given him the love and energy he needed to finalize his affairs before he crossed over peacefully a few weeks later. This experience was so profoundly moving that Maryse knew this was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She became determined to make the most of her spiritual gifts and grow in knowledge so she could help others.

Soon after that she realized that she was an Empath, someone very highly tuned to the energy and feelings of others. She learned too, that she could control that energy and use it to either energize or de-escalate people in distress. She is able to bring loving energy on demand and is extremely grateful for this gift. People sense her love and compassion and she has had strangers fall into her arms, crying as she comforts them. She doesn’t hesitate to approach strangers that she feels need her help.

In August of 2015 she was on a trip to Mt. Shasta, California when she had another profound spiritual moment. As she sat in meditation by a quiet pool of water that trickled through the mountain, a thunderous sound filled her head, as loud as if she were sitting by Niagara Falls. She was terrified, thinking she was having a stroke or an aneurism and her eyes popped open. The sound vanished instantly. A large dog came over and licked her face, gazing at her with love. Colors were brighter. The muggy air seemed blissfully cool. It turned out that this place at the headwaters of the Sacramento River is an energy vortex and all her chakras were instantly aligned. Energy poured through her. There were no more doubts about her gifts. She returned home the next day and went to work writing her book. The result is Know Your Spirit: In Introduction to Spirituality. She is currently contemplating writing a second book about living a more spiritual life and would love your feedback on this first book, along with any questions you may have on the topic. You can write to her via email on the Contact page.

Maryse lives on the Oregon coast where she enjoys the cool weather, raised flower beds, playing bridge and a distant ocean view. Her cat, Shadow, sits by her feet as she writes, hoping for a treat every time she goes to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee. Her best times include dinners or coffee with friends, talking about spirituality or writing.

Maryse has a background in nursing as an LPN and mental health with a BA in psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She has been a helper all of her life. With those two professions behind her, she has moved into her lifelong dream of writing and working in the world of spirituality.