Many people have questions about what their purpose might be in this life. Others hope to live a more enlightened life but they hardly know where to start. Or perhaps bad experiences have you reeling and you don’t understand why these things are happening to you. My spiritual consulting practice can help you find the answers you are seeking.

As an Empath, I am very sensitive to your feelings and to your energy. I have the ability to connect with your energy and raise it or lower it to more optimal levels, with your permission, so you can better function in this life. I do not use cards or predict the future.

Typically you will start by sending me an email via the Contact Page . If there is a quick answer, I will send it to your email address. I will not be able to engage in a long series of conversations via email as they are time consuming, so the next step may be a phone consultation for a few minutes to find out your needs. There is no charge at this point. The benefit is that when talking to you on the phone I can ask some quick questions so that we are on the same page, and I can also feel your energy which is very helpful. If a longer session is in order, you can schedule a phone session via the Contact Page and you will prepay using PayPal which also accepts Visa and Mastercard. You will choose the length of your session.

If you are going to be in the Newport, Oregon area we can meet in person if you prefer.

Legal Disclaimer
When receiving spiritual consulting services from Maryse Goebel you are in agreement that these services do not represent professional advice and are subject to the client’s interpretation. They are to be considered for entertainment purposes only. Maryse Goebel does not promise or guarantee any specific results from these sessions. They are intended as non-accredited teaching sessions only. These services are not a substitute for professional advice or services from a licensed physician, psychiatrist, counselor, attorney or financial advisor. If you are currently receiving services from these licensed professionals, you should continue those services. If professional services are needed, you are responsible for procuring those services yourself.