I am so excited to be writing to you and for you! This page will contain topics that I feel will be pertinent to you. From time to time I will be adding new articles, so keep coming back to see what’s new!

At times it may feel more like a blog, and I'd enjoy receiving your brief comments about each article at: ryse2245@gmail.com

I will try to respond to all of you as quickly as possible. See also the Contact Page for more options.

What’s New on 7/30/16

This website is finally in place! Now we can communicate and I can get to know my readers and they can get to know me better. I’ll be checking my email often for any contact from you.

I’ll also be adding topics that I think you’ll find interesting on a monthly basis, or more often as subjects come to me.

What's New on 9/03/2016

I wasn't able to get my book published as quickly as I thought due to technical difficulties (mine). Sorry to those of you who have patiently been waiting.

My book is now available as an eBook on Amazon.com.  The paperback version should be available shortly after Labor Day (9/6/2016).

What’s Next

The website needs a bit more tweaking and we'll be adding a page called Book shortly!

Apart from the body of the book about the basics of spirituality, it will contain a Questions and Answers section containing common questions that people have about life on the other side. It will also contain a short Glossary of spiritual terms that you may have been wondering about.